CCHE was in charge of the interior design (phases I and II with an architectural partner) and the complete construction during phase III of the new European headquarters of the pharmaceutical company Celgene International SA.

The curved glass façade of the 3rd phase of the building includes custom-made glass panels that were developed to achieve the Minergie label for sustainable design.

CCHE's interior design work includes custom furniture design for all main areas, acoustic panels in the cafeteria and internal and external graphic signage (visual identity, signage, pictograms) created specifically for the client.

Our team created special atmospheres for each meeting room, developing Celgene's "city" theme in all internal spaces, which are strong visual reference points within this vast administrative complex.

The main entrance to Celgene is through an open atrium on all levels with a spiral staircase treated as a DNA strand. This atrium connects all the public functions of the building, the staircase acting as a sculptural object and being illuminated by zenithal roof lights that accentuate the forms of this intervention.


2007 to 2012

Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Celgene International Sàrl


Interior fittings (press room, conference room, restaurant with production kitchen, closed offices, open space offices, fitting out of the production building VIP room, fitness) and signage

Celgene I - 2007

Inspired by the aseptic world of the pharmaceutical sector, a relaxing and airy interior welcomes the visitor with materials and colours that convey a soothing clarity. An atrium with large zenithal openings offers a play of natural light along the entire length of the building. The horizontality of the levels is broken by the central core which bridges the gap between heaven and earth. See the project

Architecture d'intérieur de CCHE pour Celgene I Suisse

Celgene II - 2009

A huge atrium open on all levels and a spiral staircase, similar to a DNA ribbon, extend over the entire height of the building. A glass roof provides additional zenithal lighting, accentuating the sculptural effect of the volume. See the project

Architecture d'intérieur de CCHE pour Celgène II Suisse

Celgene III - 2011

The concept provides for the purification of the exterior and interior lines and finishes, as well as the integration of technical elements. The construction is intended to be innovative, in particular by conforming to the requirements of the Minergie label. Celgene thus becomes the first private site in Switzerland to be entirely designed according to this standard. See the project

Architecture d'intérieur de CCHE pour Celgene III Suisse

Celgene - Decorations

On the occasion of the end of year celebrations in 2011, 2013 and 2015, we were invited by Celgene to imagine interventions animating the atrium of their administrative building. See the project

Design de CCHE pour le bâtiment administratif Celgene Suisse

Celgene - Signage

In 2007, the visual identity created for Celgene Boudry was inspired by the company's original logo, which we duplicated and combined to form an abstract molecule, representative of Celgene's activities and goals. See the project

Identité visuelle de CCHE pour Celgene
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