Crêts West station


The project is located in a sector undergoing change, in search of a new urbanity. The project proposes a densification in the form of an island which protects its vegetal heart from road and rail nuisances. The main objective of this gesture is to achieve densification by freeing up as much land as possible and, as a result, to create a planted park with pedestrian and visual permeability.

The aim of this district is to present a coherent overall vision, generating a strong identity. Emphasis is placed on a qualitative treatment of the public space imagined in a great diversity of forms of soft mobility connections: from the mineral paths, multiple primary connections to the planted and introverted courtyard of the green hills, from the requalification of the animated pavements of the Chemin des Crêts to the functional pathways of access to the housing. A very rich permeability which structures the void, which sometimes distinguishes and sometimes connects, plays a primordial role in the articulation of the various entities of the district between them.




MEP (Parallel Study Mandate)


1st prize

Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Municipality of Bulle and private owners



Floor area (GFA)

20,100 m2

Volume (SIA)

58,300 m3




19,350 m2


IUS 2.00

Architecture de CCHE pour Crêt-Gare Ouest Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour le MEP Crêts-Gare Ouest Suisse
Crets Gare Ouest - projet

Two construction perimeters represented at different stages of development.
In order to complete the urban form of a block, a third development sector is being considered.

Architecture de CCHE pour le MEP Crêts-Gare Ouest Suisse

The distance between the buildings, the quality and diversity of the external arrangements ensure both the achievement of a high built density and a quality living environment, close to the rail and road connections and to the historic centre of the town of Bulle.

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