Pont-Rouge School

Geneva Lancy - Pont Rouge

First prize in a competition, the "Au fil des Saisons" project proposes to set up the school in a learning park combining nature and culture in a close and innovative environment.

Situated between two contrasting contexts, the urban and the landscape, the mineral and the vegetal, the new school is proposed as an entity set in a park that is one with that of the Town Hall. This major public space thus becomes the heart and lung of a very dense neighborhood and connects it to the other sectors of the City of Lancy. The original topographical link is finely restored to the territory thanks to a gently sloping meadow linking the Town Hall to the new school. The strong idea of the proposal is to transform the park into a school. The exterior and interior blend together, transforming the school into a "learning park" in which nature and culture come together in a close and innovative environment.

The location of the building in the north-western part of the perimeter allows for a generous landscaped area in which the footbridge across the valley to the east and the sports field and park to the south take place. The presence of numerous trees favours a cool area beneficial to the whole site. The main entrance to the school and extracurricular activities is through a covered forecourt to the south of the building, in a sequence of outdoor courtyard - covered courtyard - entrance.

The school program develops around the learning "core" located in the center of the building. This island of fresh plant life includes the school's arrival area, connections between floors and direct views of the gym, refectory, rhythm room and classrooms. This core gives the space a bright and vibrant quality while subdividing it into a number of clearly defined zones. It is intended for learning how to garden for young children in an atmosphere easily controlled by teachers. A space that invites the sun, daylight and plants into the very heart of the building, letting nature remain the central element of the spatial experience.




1st prize

Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


City of Lancy


Completion of the new school half-group, multi-purpose room and neighbourhood hall

Floor area (GFA)

4,809 m2

Volume (SIA)

21,961 m3


2M ingénierie civile SA
Gilbert Henchoz Architectes Paysagistes Associés SA
Estia SA
ISI sàrl Ingénierie et Sécurité Incendie

Architecture de CCHE pour l'école de Lancy Genève Suisse

An urban form in dialogue with the park

The future school of Lancy is surrounded by different contexts: the very dense urban environment of the residential areas and the green and natural lung of the Town Hall Park.

The gentle and natural extension of the existing green park of the Town Hall, enhances and confirms the opportunity to plan a school rich in programs and opens the way to new approaches to stimulate children's ability and desire to learn. By incorporating learning and landscape into one, this project offers children the opportunity to play and learn in a complete ecosystem that changes over time - over the course of a day, but also over the course of the seasons. The new organization of the program allows the school program to be clearly differentiated from the neighbourhood program to ensure the smooth operation and safety of the facility.

Architecture de CCHE pour l'école de Lancy Genève Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour l'école de Lancy Genève Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour l'école de Lancy Genève Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour l'école de Lancy Genève Suisse
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