Grand’Rive Parc


The four buildings emerge from a magnificent terraced garden overlooking Lake Geneva. The "Château" to the north of the site and its annex are maintained, thus defining the link between the site, the Plaines district and the connection to the Avenue de Cour.

The slanted facades of the new buildings create a play of reflections where sky and park merge. Inside, the 600 m2 of free space guarantees great flexibility for the tenant. A central glazed core with all the facilities links the floors together, offering oblique views between each floor and an opening towards the lake.

An interior link connects all the buildings. This semi-subterranean space is punctuated by a variety of zenithal light, such as that from the interior skylight, openings onto the park or through the rooms adjacent to the circulation.



Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Grand’Rive immobilier SA



Floor area (GFA)

21'476 m²

Volume (SIA)

72'500 m³


Losinger Holding SA

Architecture de CCHE du bâtiment administratif Grand'Rive Parc Suisse
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