Petit Bâle Nord


Development and construction of two residential buildings in Préverenges, with the guiding principle of drawing inspiration from the strong identity of this village, its countryside, its town and its village and community life, in order to propose a project suitable for all generations.

This intergenerational neighbourhood is designed to guarantee a variety and richness of meeting spaces and to offer a quality of life to future residents and their neighbours, thanks to the architectural and landscaping treatment of the common spaces.

The identity of the project is centred on the respect of the Minergie standard by developing the future buildings within a wooded landscape composed of areas dedicated to relaxation and orchards. It proposes to maintain the qualities of the nearby countryside while developing a village life.

The landscaping, designed to encourage human interaction, includes green spaces linked to the housing as well as spaces dedicated to fruit trees (cherry, apple, pear, etc.), where residents and their neighbours will have the opportunity to pick their own fruit and relax. A playground and green space for children of all ages completes the ensemble.

The neighbourhood offers 34 dwellings, divided between the two buildings, and each building is composed of two floors plus attic space.

All of the units have an outdoor space and the variety of the rental offer satisfies the multiple aspirations of the inhabitants of an intergenerational neighbourhood.

The facilities and accesses also favour the development of a green and sustainable neighbourhood and the connection of soft mobility to the existing and future urban fabric will allow exchanges and interactions between the inhabitants of the neighbourhood of yesterday and tomorrow.



Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Retraites Populaires
Caisse intercommunale de pensions (CIP)


Construction of two buildings with a total of 34 flats

Floor area (GFA)

3'120 m2

Volume (SIA)

16'632 m3


CCHE Lausanne SA

Architecture de CCHE pour Petit Bâle Nord Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour Petit Bâle Nord Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour Petit Bâle Nord Suisse
Architecture de CCHE pour Petit Bâle Nord Suisse

Section 1:175, Facade concept 1:150

Architecture de CCHE pour Petit Bâle Nord Suisse

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