PPA Les Ordons Nord

Le Brassus

Revision of the PPA Les Ordons Nord to optimize the development of the business park

In order to boost the economic activity of the sector, we have been mandated by the Commune of Chenit to revise the PPA "Les Ordons Nord" and review the development of the business park.

Indeed, the Commune of Chenit wishes to allow the regrouping of large scale industrial activities and to free itself from the strong volumetric constraints imposed by the current PPA. The present PPA therefore proposes the allocation of the perimeter as an industrial zone instead of the current mixed zone and the definition of a large perimeter for the evolution of constructions allowing for greater flexibility in the location of future buildings.

Located at the eastern limit of the village of Le Brassus, along the cantonal road, the site is strongly marked by the problem of the entrance to the locality. The transition between the residential fabric in the west and the future industrial buildings is also to be handled with care. The project therefore aims to find the right balance between the establishment of adequate templates for the development of industrial activities and the integration with existing or planned built volumes in the area. The maximum height of the buildings therefore remains consistent with that of the nearby residential buildings and the lengths of the facades with the large entities present on the site (railway station, watch manufacturers).



Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Commune le Chenit

Floor area (GFA)

20,600 m²


Industrial zone and protected natural area


IOS = 0.55

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