Progress of the quartier Petite Prairie 2 site in Nyon

15.04.2021 · News

A new neighborhood designed by the MAGIZAN SA-CCHE, architects' group will take place on a former industrial site to accommodate 800 inhabitants and areas dedicated to activities in a first phase. It will be the first ecological district in the canton of Fribourg to receive OPL® certification. In the long term, the 13.5 hectares of the district will provide housing for around 2,500 inhabitants.

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Quartier Petite Prairie 2 - Glowup Mai 2020 Mars 2021

Mai 2020 - Mars 2021 ©Implenia

Quartier Petite Prairie  - Mars 2021

Chantier Quartier Petite Prairie Nyon - Mars 2021 - ©Implenia

Historique :
Août 2018 - ©Implenia

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