Exploring the Hive Campus

17.01.2023 · News

The Hive campus in Meyrin/Satigny has been developed with people in mind and aims to offer a serene and modern working environment which fosters dialogue and collaboration. This project required innovate thinking to envisage converting a 50,000 m² site in the Zimeysaver industrial commercial estate into a high-tech and accessible business centre.

Buildings of various sizes are spread over the site and were developed based on their users’ needs, with the intention that they seamlessly blend into their natural environment by using developed vegetation. This site, which is still under development, already accommodates four buildings with complementary activities and will eventually offer up to eight buildings.

From the outset of the project, CCHE has worked hand in hand with HIAG by providing everything they need due to their wide range of services, such as urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, interior design, design, development, parametric design, and more.

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