Grand'Rive Parc Landscaping in Lausanne

01.11.2022 · News

Developed by CCHE in 2010 to accommodate the headquarters of Nespresso, we are starting a new project at the Grand'Rive Parc.

Due to a change in occupancy, the new exterior landscaping being carried out by our landscape architects is developing three distinct landscapes:

- Entrance: landscaping marking the new Rhodanie 40 C / 40 D entrance

- Gardens: creation of two new ornamental gardens

- Patio: interior design overlooking the new cafeteria

The Entrance integrates a ridge planted with a variety of herbaceous plants and a red-, orange-, and yellow-leaved Liquidambar at its centre. This landscaped "pocket" adds aesthetic value to the predominantly inanimate entrance and is a striking, plant-based eye-catcher before entering the building.

On the rooftops, between the buildings, there are two clearly distinguishable spaces: two undeveloped gardens waiting to be transformed. For future occupants, these two entities will become two ornamental gardens in their own right.

The gardens of Les Cornouillers and Les Sureaux have now been created. Accessible to the public, they are characterised by unique furnishings and large organic surfaces with shrubs and herbaceous plants.

The new glass-fronted cafeteria looks out over a patio which has been designed to give it a new and unique character.

Large foliage plants and colourful ferns accentuate the courtyard, making it the perfect landscaped canvas to be enjoyed from the cafeteria.

These new living spaces represent a landscape link between the existing site and the surrounding landscape.

Find out more about the Grand'Rive landscaping project with our video

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