Malley Phare takes off

12.10.2023 · News

With a height of 60 meters, the tower Malley Phare is intended to be an exemplary object from an energy and socio-cultural point of view. This elevation of the Malley Lights shopping center creates a new quality living space that implements the principles of sustainable development. This building is designed to meet the challenges of the 2000 watt society, has developed an architecture reflecting a sustainable attitude. The choice of wood for the structure quickly imposed itself during the development of the project to respond to a multitude of aims : use of a sustainable material, lightness of the structure, quick assembly of the different prefabricated elements and water savings compared to a concrete frame.

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Malley Phare episode 5: From forest to project

The structure of the Malley Phare tower is made up of 80% ash and spruce, most of which comes from the region and all from Switzerland. Used in a short circuit, the wood is perfectly suited to the project's high energy objectives.

The choice of responsible materials and local partners is part of SUVA's strategy, and this project confirms their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. As an institutional investor, SUVA applies a policy of constructive engagement with its partners to make Malley Phare a building at the cutting edge of sustainable technology, promoting user comfort and compliance with safety standards.

Timeline :

Malley Phare: episode 4 - may 2023
After laying the foundations and perimeter wall, the base of the metal structure designed to support the Malley Phare tower above the existing building has been installed. This metal framework, weighing a total of 750 tonnes, will reinforce the 14 storeys of the tower and be interwoven with the wooden structural elements. It will then be covered with an anodised aluminium sheet. Ultimately, around 3,000 m3 of timber will be needed to build the first timber-framed tower in French-speaking Switzerland with active photovoltaic facades.

Malley Phare: february 2023
The reinforced concrete belt required to support the 14 floors of the Malley Phare tower is complete. It will be completed in the next few weeks with some structural metal elements, so that the building is ready to receive the various wooden elements that will form the floors and the structure of the tower.

Malley Phare: episode 3 - december 2022
Concreting of the tower base 

Malley Phare: episode 2 - august 2022
Lifting of the 70 metre crane

Malley Phare: episode 1 - june 2022
Foundation work with the digging of the bar for themolded walls.

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