The Migros shopping centre “Chablais Centre” undergoes transformation

29.11.2022 · News

The transformation and upgrading of the Chablais Centre shopping centre is underway. This revitalisation, the result of a competition, involves redesigning commercial areas, decarbonising and modernising the building's techniques and building a new hotel complex. The project, which aims to bring all the shops together in a single building, is planned to take two years to complete in the existing centre. CCHE is the general planner and provides 100% of the SIA services.

Chablais Centre - Restaurant area

The Migros Shopping Centre "Chablais Centre" concludes its first construction stage with the opening of the Migros restaurant after six months of work. The aim was to completely redesign the Migros Restaurant, which dates back more than 20 years. This transformation translates into the professional kitchen being completely reorganised and renovated and therestaurant’s interior being reorgainsed planned in conjunction with Migros.

In a context of global decarbonisation of the Migros Chablais site, this action creates an efficient professional kitchen while allowing customers to dine in comfort . The superimposition of the new technical installations on the ceiling, in a restricted existing space improving the room's acoustics, illustrates the complexity of the work. The care taken in the transformation means that customers can now enjoy an enhanced experience in a completely redesigned restaurant.

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