Apprenticeships at altitude: Diversified careers in the Vallée de Joux

24.11.2023 · Press reviews

"For CCHE, passing on knowledge is extremely important. As a result, we make it our business to offer high-quality training."

Roland Cabut, Project Manager - Trainer

Actualité revue de presse de CCHE sur l'apprentissages en altitude : Carrières diversifiées à la Vallée de Joux

Ilhan Rochat and Roland Cabut, student, and trainer at CCHE La Vallée.

Sketches of the future: The Vallée de Joux drawing apprenticeship

"No one in my family works in this field, but my father had asked CCHE for help with a professional project and really appreciated the collaboration. Consequently, it was he who advised me to come here for my career discovery day. I was debating going down the academic route, but after receiving such a warm welcome, I ended up passing the DESSBAT test and applying!

Thank you to Ilhan for sharing his experience and for his commitment to our company.

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