Urban planning methodologies: a winning strategy for development

14.11.2023 · News

CCHE Urbanism is a team which is passionate about the current and future challenges of urban development. Working together in an office that brings together more than 25 complementary professions means we can develop pragmatic approaches using varied methodologies.

Giving meaning to a project is a major challenge. Beyond the pretty pictures, the methodologies developed and utilised by our teams focus on the why and provide concrete answers to social issues. Whether it's a question of understanding current and future changes in society (Megatrends), actively involving stakeholders in the decision-making process (participative approach), identifying typical user profiles (lifestyles), adapting a housing project as closely as possible to market needs (socio-spatial strategy) or bringing a business site to life (the productive city), these methodologies are a decision-making and communication tool for public authorities and property developers.

Urban planning methodologies are genuine success strategies for project development.

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The CCHE Urbanism philosophy and methodologies presented by Coralie Cuendet, Urban Planning Project Manager

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