Regent Lightning SA

Le Mont-sur-Lausanne

A journey of light...

Following a competition, we were commissioned by Regent Lighting SA to renovate their building. This company wanted to increase its work space capacity while maintaining the building's size and to upgrade all the technical infrastructures.

The redesign of the volumes and the new distribution of the spaces allowed for the optimization of the work of the employees: all the work, relaxation and exchange spaces were placed in front of the building in order to benefit from the natural light. The atmosphere of the building is based on the new image of Regent, which offers professionals an efficient tool with this Lighting-Center.

The ambience and the play of light give the building the role of a product showcase.




1st prize

Developed by

CCHE Lausanne SA


Regent Lighting SA




Lighting showroom, offices, cafeteria, conference rooms

Floor area (GFA)

1,234 m²


CCHE Lausanne SA
Signage : Gasser Fassadentechnik SA

Showroom Regent - 2002

Design - Building facade


As part of the renovation of its reception area in Mont-sur-Lausanne, the company Regent Lighting SA called on our services to imagine an intervention capable of reducing the sunlight felt inside the offices while visually enlivening the building. The proposed solution consisted of a printed tensioned fabric that re-clad the existing façades..

Façade de CCHE pour Regent
Façade de CCHE pour Regent
Façade de CCHE pour Regent
Façade de CCHE pour Regent
Façade de CCHE pour Regent
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